My Microblading Experience

I know that many of you have heard of microblading. I had and I was dying to try it. The only thing is that I could not find a place that did it. For those of you that don’t know what it is, it is kind of like tattooing for the eyebrows. Microblading lasts 1 -3 years and is more realistic looking than the tattoos of old.

What made me want to do this? I was in a boating accident when I was younger and the boat exploded. I was near the fire/explosion and it singed off my eyebrows. That is where it started and they never quite grew back. Fast forward to about 10 years ago and I get diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism affects your hair and makes it brittle and hard to grow, and your eyebrows fall into that category as well. Lastly, as you get older, your eyebrows seem to disappear. Mine were no exception. So I had more than three strikes against me and I was ready for a solution.

I tried everything. I tried Latisse, because like my eyebrows, I have no lashes, and no luck. I tried other solutions, only to find they really did not work. So, when I heard about this, I was on a mission.

Microblading is not cheap, so that was a drawback. It runs around $500 per visit. I was on the internet one day and I ran across a groupon for this treatment. I have had groupons for beauty treatments before and had good luck, so I was not afraid at all. This was for less than half the price and I was so excited to make my appointment.

The minute I got done signing up, I called the beauty shop to make my appointment. I read and researched on the internet all about what to expect, so I was ready. The day arrived and I was headed to get some brows!

I pulled into the parking lot and began to get a little nervous, but once I walked in, everything was fine. Everyone in there was so friendly and worked to make me feel calm. I filled out the necessary paperwork and was taken back to where this would get done.

The lady who did my eyebrows was named Tressy and she was professional. She told me to get ready and that the process would take between 1 1/2 to 2 hours. I got comfy on the table and waited for step 1.

The first thing that she did was ask if I had certain brows in mind. You can bring in pictures to show her what you are thinking and this helps her to have a visual. Then she began drawing my brows on and talking me through the process and letting me know the symmetry of the brows and what she was planning on doing. When she was done, I looked in the mirror to see if I liked what she was going to do and then came time for the numbing cream. The numbing cream takes about 20-30 minutes to work, so I laid down with my phone and let it go to work. The above pic is me getting numb.

Next comes the procedure. She gets the blade and the color and goes to work. This is not painful, thank God for the numbing cream, but I could hear every little slice of the blade. This was a little nervewracking, just because who wants to hear someone slicing on their skin!! But that was the only thing unpleasant about that part.

Lastly, she comes in and puts more dye on to sink in and you have to let that set for about 20 minutes. In this pic, this is me with the dye.

Once that part is done, you are cleaned up and ready to go. Now, I am going to go ahead and tell you I was in complete shock when this was done. My eyebrows were very dark and prominent. This is a look I was not used to at all. I can’t remember the last time my eyebrows were this dark. As a matter of fact, I almost cried because it was such a shock.

I should not have been upset, because the color fades after ten days. You see the brows heal and as they heal, the scabs come off and they are nowhere near as dark as they were.

This pic is my brows after. You can see they are lighter. I can see places that did not get saturated by the ink, like little bald spots that I fill in with my pencil. I do have to go back in 8-10 weeks and she will fill in these places, so I know that will be okay and as long as I can pencil them in, I am okay. I get asked if I was sore and yes, I was. After the numbing cream wore off, I was uncomfortable, but this only lasted for 24 hours. One other thing in aftercare, you cannot get them wet for one solid week. So washing my face and hair was a challenge because I did not want to get that area saturated and ruin the hard work.

All in all, do I recommend this treatment? Yes, I do. I think it is great and for someone like me who has to spend a great amount of time each day fixing my brows, this makes my life much easier. I actually feel like I have eyebrows now and in the mean time I am trying castor oil to see if that helps them grown. I read that it is just like, if not better, than the other treatments, so I will have an update in a couple of months on that!

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