My Experience with Dirty Lemon

The first time I heard of the Dirty Lemon, I just knew that I had to try it out. I read a review on it and it completely piqued my interest. So, after I read the article, I got online and ventured over to the site to check it out.

There are four items to pick from on the site.  There is one for collagen, a detox, a matcha to increase metabolism, and ginseng for energy. They all contain lemon juice that is hand-squeezed in them right before shipping out. I decided I wanted to try the detox and the collagen.

I went to the website and read over all of the items and yes, these were the ones that most interested me for right now. I added them to my cart, entered my information and then you wait for a text. This is super cool in my opinion. You get this mystery text from some unknown number and that is how you are communicated with on the shipping of your order. So, I got my mystery texts. The first one just verified my order and the second one was my shipping.

I did not have to wait long, just a couple of days and they arrived. You want to know how I knew they were delivered? Yes, you guessed it, I got a text. So, I ran to my front door and there they were. I eagerly got the boxes in off of the porch and opened them to see that they are packed in cold packs and freezer bags. That is how fresh they are! They are to be refrigerated until you use them, so I put them in the refrigerator right away.

I was going to do the detox first. You can drink this any time you would like, but they say the best results are after your heaviest meal. I decided it would probably be best just to drink it at night anyway. After I ate dinner, I got out my bottle and began to drink it. The detox contains charcoal to help clean you out. The charcoal helps to remove toxins and heavy metals from your body.

This drink is very tart. I had to almost chug it to get it down because I was not prepared for how tart it was. I finished it, went to bed and woke up the next day with no bad feeling. This is not supposed to be harsh and it was not. I will say this worked shortly after I woke up and it was not a long lasting cleaning out (sorry, no other way to say it), so I could go about my daily activities without worrying about any side effects. You do not have to change your diet, but I think it works better if you are eating cleaner.

After six days, I felt good. I could tell that toxins were removed from system. I consumed so much junk over the holidays and this got me feeling so good and light! It actually kick started me into wanting to eat clean and healthy.

I took a day off and then moved to the collagen. This one was not as tart, I attribute the tartness to the charcoal, which this one does not have. The collagen one is designed to hydrate skin, increase elasticity, reduce wrinkles and trigger new collagen production.

This one contains marine collagen. I read about collagen and I have read that marine collagen is the best collagen for your skin. They are known to have long-term effects in producing collagen in the body. This one does contain cayenne pepper, so there is definitely a kick to it. I decided to drink it after dinner like I did the other one and just waited for the results.

On the website, they promote that the results are best if you do two weeks. I only did one. I will say my complexion looked clearer. After three days, I remember looking in the mirror and I had no makeup on and thinking, “wow, my skin looks so good!” I can only imagine how it would be after two weeks! I am not saying I was wrinkle free, but I had a glow and my face just looked plump and healthy.

I had never heard of the Dirty Lemon until I read the article and it was so interesting it prompted me to check it out. I had a good experience and feel that this is something to help with those New Years resolutions. I highly recommend giving it a try. They actually have a membership and you can have it autoshipped monthly at a $20 discount per case. I am not ready for that, but who knows, I might in the future. So click on the link below and get started on your healthy new lifestyle with Dirty Lemon!

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